Friday, July 23, 2010


Next inspired concept.


  1. hi, i love your blog, we pretty much have the same taste in everything!
    I'm new to blogging, and I want to go into fashion merchandising, but I've just finished uni and don't know where to start!
    I nearly got a job at arcadia, but not quite (shortlisted twice!) so might go to NYC and do an internship...
    any advice would be MASSIVELY appreciated// really.

    hope to hear from you

  2. Hi HarassedSass,
    Glad you like the blog! Personally from retail and fashion experience. I say you got to start some where. Most companies hire merchandisers within the company. When I was formally with American Apparel. I started as a keyholder then worked my way up as a Merchandiser/ Stylist! Don't give up love, if they see you have interest from the get they'll eventually keep you in mind. So much can change overnight. Expect the unexpected. Especially in the fashion world :)

    Goodluck with NY!

    xx Pia